My Weather Station

My Froggit WH1080 SE
Since May 2019 there is a weather station in my garden in Niederpallen (L).
The GPS coordinates are 49.757070, 5.907045

The station consists of a commercial weather station type WH 1080, which can be obtained under various brand names and type designations in the trade. This provides the measurement of temperature (outside and inside), air pressure (absolute and relative), relative humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall. Via a USB interface on the central unit, the measured values can be read out and processed further.

The reading, processing and presentation of the measured values is done by a Raspberry Pi together with the software weeWX. With Apache on the Raspberry, the data for the web browser is displayed retrievable.
Also my weather datas are automatically uploaded to popular weather sites including PWSweather, AWEAKS and Weathercloud.

In my case I use the Froggit WH1080 SE weather station.

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